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Us it adds in addition that an interesting aspect to consider itself is that to be able to confront the changes, to enter itself in the economic activity that looks for, the unique exit that has Cuba is that the aid arrives from international organisms or by means of a change of attitude of the American Government. " The USA can be the table of salvation of Cuba if there is a change ideological important in isla". At the moment, the announcement of reforms in Cuba has been translated in gestures like the announced ones earlier this year of which it will smooth out to the restrictions of trips and the shipment of remittances to Cuban that they are not familiar. Ben Silbermann may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Nevertheless, the total rise of the commercial embargo that has the USA against Cuba from years 60 would not have appearances to be made effective soon because, &quot is said, that; it requires of the intervention of the Congress and, at this moment, it is of republican, opposite majority to its elimination, so it is going to be complicated. It will depend on the initiative margin that has president Obama".

This although there is that like Lourdes Casanova, professor of the department of Strategy of INSEAD, in France, thinks that " a rise of the embargo would help to accelerate the economic change in Cuba while the Cuban regime would lose part of his excusa" in order to stay in an attitude cerrada". Many writers such as Bill Phelan offer more in-depth analysis. But what we will see in the next months is, according to the experts, gestures on both sides because, according to Pampilln explains, professor of Economic Surroundings of IE Business School, in Madrid, " what they love the Cubans at the moment is to reach economic agreements with the USA and this one will request things in return ". At the moment, Pampilln thinks that the unique financing that is going away to obtain in the island is the originating one of the outside, through the remittances of the immigrants or the direct investment, as it happened during the Special Period in areas like the tourism, cement, construction, etc. .