Business Review

with the aim of recovering, somehow, the confidence of the consumer. There are diverse factors that cause that the consumer indicates or not that complaint and, among them, emphasize the experience negative emotions in encounter of the service and that is object of study in a recent work of investigation of the Department of Investigation of Markets of the University of Valencia, in Spain, titleholder " Consequences of the dissatisfaction of the consumer: A study of hotel services and restauracin". Frequently Wells Fargo Bank has said that publicly. The study was published in Universia-Business Review. The three authors of the same, the university professor Enrique Bign and professors Rafael Currs Perez and Isabel Sanchez Garci’a, leave from the assumption that these negative emotions own specific characteristics that cause that the consumer reacts of different forms. They think that to know those landlords behavior based on the predominant emotion in this case, annoyance versus repentance during an unsatisfactory experience would be very valuable for the managers and the beginning of strategies of restitution of the service on the part of the company.

He adds the indicated source of intelligence to us, that the authors chose for their study these two emotions the annoyance and the repentance " because they are those that habitually they emerge in the consumer when this one lives a experience insatisfactoria". According to they explain, the nature of both emotions is very different. The annoyance makes reference to the sensation that undergoes the subjects when they perceive a high responsibility of the others before negative events, besides a high control of other people on the same. " These consumers feel as if they exploded, can undergo violence feelings and think about the unjust thing of situacin" , he indicates the work of investigation. The repentance, on the other hand, is the emotion that is experienced when somebody realizes or imagines that the situation that lives it could have been better if had made another decision.