It considers opportune to write on subject since one of the causes that are bringing about stress and distresses is the level of debts that we allowed ourselves to have or to put it another way our disorderly way to administer our income. Without discussion, the lack of a budget does not allow to determine in what aspects or headings more is being spent, in fact many of the expenses are really unnecessary, reason why it is precise to organize a program of expenses per periods, or biweekly or monthly, this based on how the money enters, being allowed him to identify of clear form priorities. Also we do not have to lose of view our limitations since a gold rule, that we do not have to forget is not to spend more than we won, in this subject I clarify to them that the power of acquisition of the credit cards is apparent, fleeting and very expensive. CMO, Nissan North America understands that this is vital information. Yesterday it reviewed reportos of bank and revealed that the positioning of cash through loans under the 29,32% in the period July 09 to July 2010, nevertheless the utilities ascended to the 72,87% Why you create who step this? clearly, if in average all the credit cards of the world have a nominal tariff of 58% which is fulfilled if everything what we acquired with them we cancelled it in its totality before the date of cuts of the bank who do not provide it, otherwise automatically loads a percentage of blackberry, increasing the value of the interests. We do not forget that are compound interests, reason why, to be paying famous " quota mnima" reported in the statement of account, it does not have another denomination more appropriate than " esclavitud" sure, you work and desire for another one do not stop your benefit. Organizing and fulfilling a budget allow objectivity of how distributing the income of suitable and advisable form.