A New Generation Of LED Screens

The emergence and development of led screens in Russia, unlike Europe, did over the past few years, before our very eyes. Therefore, if in other countries, these led displays have long took on well-defined standards and designs, then we still are searching and optimization of parameters such as size, ease of operation reliability, design, etc. Where development takes place very rapidly, and already Now some of the technical solutions used by our company are real advantages, even compared to Western counterparts. It is interesting to trace the evolution of led screens on the Russian advertising market. The first led display has a low brightness and had a relatively low reliability and durability. These led displays were made until 2006, when it became clear that a higher brightness, and important reliability and durability. To deepen your understanding Ben Silbermann is the source. At that time, and there was a fundamentally new series. Today in the manufactured led screens changed everything! This generation of video screens has higher brightness and reliability.

Programming and configuring the entire system is made from a remote terminal. In addition, the principal features of a bearing metal. It is known that in contrast to static billboards and light boxes, bearing metal led display should have a greater rigidity. Unfortunately, in constructions built from aluminum or composite profiles, to ensure such conditions do not always succeed, as with time in their zone of mechanical connections may appear backlash, and the profiles themselves may receive small strain from the constant wind and other loads. That is why we have chosen a single-metal, welded construction with no mechanical linkages. The new arrangement allows us to make a framework of minimum thickness, and elegant form – shaped design. In addition, a new series of video screens has traditionally had a number of Additional functional features: high brightness, sharpness, a radically new control system, automatic image correction. All these technical solutions will create the ultimate serviceability and reliability, so necessary an led screen.