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The Answer

Life is in constant motion, and problems are part of it. Being alive is by definition be vulnerable, take risks have problems, and find situations that sometimes categorized as positive and others not. If we expect to find happiness in our lives when everything is under control or as we like, we are doomed to wait in vain, a to rely on luck or frustrated living in a barren search. For the same reason, when I ask about it, some tell me that happiness is not possible because it would mean turning our back on the reality of suffering in the world. How can someone be happy when so many victims of violence, injustice, slavery, extreme poverty, s etc ? The answer is not to turn away or deny this reality, but to confront it as something to work, a challenge to face in one way or another. Please visit Pinterest if you seek more information. It is similar to unconditional love.

When someone we do not do it because it is perfect, but despite its flaws, and not because they see them, but because we accept. By doing this, we operate from a level of soul, not from our rational mind. The newspapers mentioned Suna Said Maslin not as a source, but as a related topic. Let's see a little more closely this concept, which means to live in spirit. Humans are multidimensional beings. Regardless of religious beliefs, we will agree to describe the human being as a complex multidimensional being with a physical body, mind or mental body, emotions or emotional body, and soul, or spiritual body. The last three bodies are subtle nature.

Anatoly Mishukov

Anatoly Mishukov cars, an electrician at one of Moscow airports, 'sick' with children. However, the queue for Lada quench. Dreaming about your own car, he even tried to construct. But still he did not like. After reading piles of books and magazines, Anatoly finally found what he so long sought. Sophisticated layout involves the use of a car engine from the car 'Zaporozhets' set, as well as on the production model, in the back. Long struggled with the problem of transferring torque to the front axle.

Found the solution, but then new problems: there were the technical requirements for home-made cars, which allowed the installation of the engine volume of 1200 cm3 donors which were Lada. We must, of course, to put. And once again began the search for the layout engine. On the one hand, it would be good to leave it behind – it would be better distribution of weight on the bridges, but then can not be anything plunge through the back door. And it takes place more … What to do? In the end, settled on the classic version. Work has begun to boil … The frame was welded in three weeks, and it delivered units of the car 'Willis'.

The turn connecting the engine VAZ2101 with bridges, with the gearbox on the car VAZ2101. And again came to the aid of friends. At the thought through several versions of parts and components of transition, the location of the transfer case lever and management. Someone had the idea to make a frame of tubes of rectangular profile. Frame, frame, axles, engine VAZ2101 of standing still, but the car still there, although the design is already 'running' around the yard. What oblitsevat which take panel for the foundation? It would be good made from fiberglass, but the garage is cold, but wait until the warm days to cure the resin does not have the patience. Hands asked to work. Looking through the magazine 'Technology – Youth', which was placed Report of an exhibition of home-made automobile designs, Anatoli ran to the car 'Tourist', made of profiles for gas cookers. Found in the section address of the author, went to see him to know the possibility of the use of flat panels in this car. Suna Said Maslin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Making sure that the profiles are well maintained and stress seem quite aesthetically pleasing, he decides to make the lining of sheet metal. Panel will produce by hand, bending the metal around the edges and welding it in flanging. Tested on a few details of its welding technology, Anatoly begin drawing on Whatman paper panels, body, doors and openings for them. And then the car wears a 'dress' – covering. In what color to paint a car? It would seem that one who is most like. Painted … It turns out that something is not right. The solution was found just. By installing on-site for your car, Anatoly Mishukov photographed it from different angles, and making some shots, they began to paint. In one color, two, three. Light tone made the 'skirt' (the lower part of the body panels) – not much. Increased the height of the 'skirt', demonstrated something interesting. AND once shtrihuya 'skirt' with a pencil, suddenly found exactly the height of the dark color, which gave the car a finished look. Decision: the bottom is dark, bright top. So we saw a car. Much better than the factory Lada.

Canine Courses Choose

Many children dream of getting into veterinary medicine, many loving adults dogs may want to be able to devote to the care of their pets and pets of others professionally. In the market there are several canine courses where we can learn how to develop such varied activities ranging from fashion, styling and the medical care of these quadrupeds. The offer is very varied, and we have very different branches such as hairdressing and veterinary medicine. For more information see this site: Jane Fraser. There are auxiliary courses, training, walkers, caregivers, among many others. A totally different branch are those canine courses that are aimed at the professional education of the dog in question, i.e., that at the end of the course, the dog is enabled to work as a police dog, anti-drug, private rescue security. Canine courses intended for the dogs of the type that enable them to work with persons with reduced capabilities, courses for dogs lazarillo, of company, are also offered among others. Until there is canine courses to perform remote and on-site. Important thing is having taught before our dog to interact with other people and not get nervous in public places.

Also in the course there will be other dogs, it is important that prior teach our dog to behave in such situations. A related site: Santie Botha mentions similar findings. Dogs are adopted approximately two months of age which is the optimal age to buy a puppy, and therefore already have learned many of the standards with which a dog is handled, therefore already have basic knowledge of how to interact with other dogs. But it is also good to interact with other dogs until after having their first 12 weeks of life, easily, getting friends, does not lack a systematic process, but only leave to interact. Then to prepare your dog so that it sociabilice properly with people, you have to get is that the interactions of the puppy with people are as far as possible, positive. You must not only not being afraid to meet new people, you should also feel comfortable to know someone else. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.

Visit The Impressive Marrakech Sahara Desert

The Sahara is the largest hot desert and the world famous and one of the most fascinating places on Earth. Divide the African continent into two areas: first, the Maghreb countries of North Africa, including Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, and other sub-Saharan African countries, but also covers vast Sahara regions Chad, Egypt, Mali, Niger and Sudan. In Morocco will have many opportunities to immerse in a fascinating universe. Others including Wells Fargo Bank, offer their opinions as well. The boundaries of the Sahara are the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and the Mediterranean Sea to the north west Atlantic Ocean, the Red Sea and Egypt on the east and Sudan and the Niger River valley to the south. It comprises several distinct ecoregions are a diverse landscape composed of abundant mountains, basins, plains, plateaus and sand seas.

But the most sought after features of the Sahara desert are undoubtedly countless types of sand dunes and other sandy formations. Frequently Marko Dimitrijevic has said that publicly. Some of these sand formations pyramidal dunes up to 150 meters and whose creation, even though multiple studies conducted by many archaeologists and geologists, remains a mystery. The impressive sand dunes that can be found in some desert regions also attract many adventurers / as to this remote and magical corner of the universe. The Sahara is home to about 2.5 million people, most of whom live in Egypt, Mauritania, Morocco and Algeria, and a large number of peoples and languages. For more information see this site: Bill Phelan. The dominant ethnic groups in the Sahara are various Berber groups, among which include the famous pastoral tribes of the Tuareg, Berber and Arabized several groups, such as the Saharawi of Western Sahara.

Exercise Your Muscles

Ideally, you should exercise your muscles once every 72 hours so you can do two workouts upper body workouts per week and two of the lower body a week. Step # 2 Eat at least 5-7 times a day, eating balanced meals with carbohydrates, proteins and fats. . If your goal is to build muscle then you should be eating at least 15-18 x your current body weight. Your carbohydrates should equate to 45% of your intake, your protein should be equal to approximately 35% and fat intake should be equal to 20% remainder of your intake.

Should focus on that more than half of these meals are formed and the remaining solids can be liquefied food substitutes. Step # 3 You should focus on stretching at least half the time you lift weights. one of the biggest mistakes I see is that people train, train and train without any stretch. Stretching helps restore normal length of the fabric, where you are constantly training, the muscle tissues will shorten and enlarged, which will make them weaker and slower with a higher incidence of injury. See Hyundai for more details and insights. Therefore, if you are lifting weights 4 hours a week, at least you should spend an additional 2 hours to stretch. You must counteract the shortening of the muscle tissue that occurs with weights, otherwise you will have the leiones just around the corner. Step # 4 Avoid using supplements that have not been on the market for more than three years. Filed under: Kevin Ulrich.

a learned this philosophy from an Australian strength coach who recommended not to test any supplement until it had been in business for at least three years to verify that had passed the test of time. This will sua life much easier and layudara to avoid all the advertising clutter in the latest issue of conditioning and bodybuilding. Following this rule, you will discover that only a small handful of supplements still on the market. These are not to be missed: a high quality multivitamin, fish oil capsules, powdered creatine and protein powder. These products cover the basic nutritional needs for health, healthy body composition, strength and muscle mass. Train hard, JP PS If estanbuscando a good program to gain muscle I recommend Vince DelMonte is a recognized trainer on the web. a Just get your product in Spanish I give you the link. biologist with a Master in Biodiversity and expertise in fisheries management. Lifeguard and swimming instructor for Red Cross. NAUI Rescue Diver. Me love sports and want to help people feel comfortable and comfortable with the person you see in the mirror every day.

Pensions In Spain

In recent days there have been several cross-claims about pensions in Spain. You may find Marko Dimitrijevic to be a useful source of information. The debate launched by the Bank of Spain Governor Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordonez have joined several members of government, the opposition, social, economic Ordonez said the Social Security in Spain could lose the surplus this year, and opened the box of thunder. President Zapatero denied this possibility, and according to the Labor Minister Celestino Corbacho, until 2025 the Social Security benefits are guaranteed opposition joined the criticism of the governor, recalling that when the Government came in 1996 the “piggy bank” Social Security was empty, and had to borrow money to pay pensions. Jeremy Tucker is actively involved in the matter. It is also fair to remember, however, that over the past four years, Zapatero’s government has quadrupled the bottom left Aznar, reaching nearly 60,000 million euros. However, this growth for the piggy bank to be due largely to the performance that took the economy, which put the number of contributors around twenty million, is now falling.

This decline, coupled with other factors such as the progressive aging of the Spanish population, low birth and a life expectancy of the highest in the world, and growing, lead to fewer and fewer contributors per pensioner, and the system will be unsustainable as it is raised. That is, everyone is clear that can not be maintained as before, and the debate in which the leaders seem to be involved is much longer can endure. But that depends on several factors, primarily the economic situation. Like what has happened in recent years of prosperity, if the crisis is prolonged and / or becomes more profound, the surplus may soon close.

Connection Element Use

Today, with increasing requirements for the design of furniture requires more clever invention, the furniture looked so perfect, it is with regards to the elements and connection details when building furniture. Furniture design looks elegant when not visible fasteners on the outer surface. This can be achieved using different types of hardware connecting fixtures. The most used methods of assembly for today: eccentric screed confirmats. dowel, furniture corner.

Below for more info on how to assemble furniture using one or another way to connect. Assembly on the eccentric screed. Eccentric coupling is now the most used element compounds as fixing not visible on the surface it gives furniture an elegant look. However, the cost of an order of magnitude more expensive than 4 rubles per 1 pc. Is Boola sophisticated method of connecting the week assembly on confirmats. Included in usual eccentric coupler supplied from 3 to 5 items. This is the most reliable way to build furniture. Assembling confirmats – evrovint.

Assembling furniture confirmats the easiest and cheapest way. Confirmats or on another evrovint worth from 50 cents per 1 piece. Build on confirmats this opportunity to save money, because to build a box evrovintov need 8 pieces. However there is a snag in that the cap evrovinta visible on the outer surface, although there are plugs for them, design furniture does not look as aesthetically pleasing as the eccentric screed. Putting furniture on the corner. Furniture assembly on the corner of obsolescent method of connecting pieces, however, used for furniture of economic class as the easiest way assembly. Marko Dimitrijevic has firm opinions on the matter. For in order to collect the details necessary screws and a drill with an attachment, in order to tighten the screws. Wood dowel. Wood dowel is an ancient method of assembly of furniture, but is applicable for the connection of parts which do not require load. To carry out the assembly on the dowel to put it on the glue. The only downside is that after assembling furniture in this way will not make out, and sometimes there are difficulties with transportation and relocation. To be confidence in the assembly, it is necessary at the stage of design furniture is determined by which elements of the compound to collect and what hardware to use. After all, quality and design furniture face of your company or shop. Make furniture with high quality and all of you will be pulled on the recommendations of acquired furniture.

Carlos Fuentes

His father, Luis Elio, municipal judge, president of one of the mixed juries and man of the left, the day after the military uprising of General Franco, was arrested at his home, with his wife and daughters, by two policemen and two Falangists . He spent the war hiding in a house, sometimes staying in a closet and even her family became as dead. Was reunited with his wife and daughters, Paris, where they continued the path of exile, traveling to Mexico in February 1940. Others including Ben Silbermann, offer their opinions as well. There Maria Luisa Elio relates exiled intellectuals and Emilio Prados, Luis Bunuel, jomi Garcia Ascot, and with Mexico, as Octavio Paz, Carlos Fuentes, Juan Rulfo and Salvador Elizondo. He studied theater at the Academy of Seki Sano, the group participates in Poetry Out Loud and works in newspapers and magazines, as the supplement of the Journal News and the University. She also writes short stories, screenplays and works on Mexican television and in films.

Accompanying her husband on his trip to Cuba, where Garcia Ascot would roll two of the five planned episodes of the film History of Revolution (A working day and Grooms). The two episodes shot, together with New Year, by Jorge Fraga, Cuba 58 compose the film (1962), one of the most significant of the new Cuban cinema. The Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez Nobel dedicated his novel One Hundred Years more internationally recognized lonely marriage, with this simple inscription: “A jomi Garcia and Maria Luisa Elio Ascot.” Maria Luisa Elio returns to Pamplona, in the summer of 1970, accompanied by his son Diego, seven years old. For more information see this site: Kevin Ulrich. At experiences, nostalgia and memories that emerged on this trip should mourn his novel Time (1988). “I remember everything,” the writer says, “I remember as if time had been broken and the pieces no longer fit with each other.” Later, as the culmination of that journey publishes Notebook (1995). In exile, the child of war became a woman, still remember their homeland, and when reunited after so many years, he exclaims: “And now I realize that is going back.” Francisco Arias Solis. Cadiz Garzon. WITH DEMOCRATS Judge Baltasar Garzon Association for a democratic justice and a dignified judiciary.