Month: September 2021

Very Bad Business

A series of new patents that Google has registered in recent months directly affect this site search algorithm. These modifications are still part of his plan for combating spam. It is normal that many wonder how these changes will affect your SEO. As we cannot combat what do not know, we will try to define exactly what the goals of Google. In this way we can take the steps needed to debug our web site from those factors that can negatively influence our positioning in Google. Firstly, Google appreciates the valuable content and, most importantly, unique.

One of the most recent changes will attempt to penalize those websites which do not contain quality content and unique. In this way, will need to remove this type of material, even where the owner of both web sites is the same. Another point which will be severely penalized, with dozens of positions of delay, and even the disappearance of results pages, is the purchase of links. Therefore, if you have recourse to this practice in the past, I recommend urgently begin a campaign to eliminate those inbound links. Now well, how to verify the sites that we link? For this we have, in principle, of the tools for Webmasters from Google.

We simply went into the control panel and click on the section links to your site. By deploying the list we can verify the sites that Google has indexed as linkeandonos. There are also other free online tools that allow us to see the incoming links, such as Enter the URL of our website and check out the links, which are highlighted at the top (by clicking on the number of links we can deploy the list). Google recommends to get rid of bad neighbors, i.e. purchased links and the farms of links that we have included. In this regard, it is worth noting another of Google’s algorithm changes seeks end to links farms. Thus, Google shall be deemed as a farm of links to blogs with little content but an extensive blogroll, or directly page with too many outgoing links (typically calls recommended links or webs amigas). Another cause of known penalty is called Stuffing. This technique consists in keywords overpopulate the texts, in order to improve positioning. Thus the search engine tries to finish with those sites built exclusively to receive revenue for Adwords, and whose content is poor, little, repetitive and does not offer any benefit to the user.

Conference Guide

When a ship’s captain discovered with awe that his ship is grounded in sand, despair and the mental block cause on many occasions that is not capable of solving the problem. One thing plays in their favor: the tide goes up and down every six hours. In this state of pessimism and hopelessness, the easiest solution is sit idle and let the tide which refloat the ship and return it to the high seas. Make no mistake: this is what will happen! This kind of attitude, albeit passive, leads to the expected result. But there is a terrible mistake: the pattern just trust the fate of his ship to a foreign agent, delegating to the tide a responsibility that falls to him. Learn more about this with Sam Belinfante. And the tide, must not forget that, as soon as low rises: in the same way that in those moments he brought the boat afloat, when you change your address will again run aground. The reading of this message is quite clear; just have to replace certain words (tide = crisis; boat = company Captain = steering) and we already have the solution.

The similarity with the management is very clear; When a crisis is prolonged in time, amok enterprises have to fall into despair and discouragement. Sometimes only seen feasible to sit idly by waiting to pass the crisis, that is to resume the path of growth and that the era of prosperity that always follows a crisis (as high tide continues to low tide) remove the company afloat, desencalle it. This Steering error is exactly the same as the captain; in effect the time of fat cows will bring revenue to the companies and all will be afloat, but who has control of the company? A company at the mercy of the market, soon receives revenue as returns to run aground. It moves in the direction who chooses to market. In my lecture of morning day 16 (will be hung a link on this blog to see a delay) I want to convey the message that you still have control. It is a message of hope for those employers who think all you can do is wait for it to change the tide. NO, please.

Don’t forget the captain can give orders so that the ammunition of the pantry, reacomoden that they lighten the weight of the boat. All this will help the buoyancy. The employer can also re-home their things, lighten ballast and prepare for when regains the flotation. Precisely my Conference Guide about what it means to reposition things and lighten burden (that is not understood with undertake dismissals, please). I don’t know if the contents of the session will be to your liking or not. I’ve been working hard to get it, but that just one of you regain optimism and take back control of your company, the effort will be worthwhile. That’s my goal: to see that, despite all the pessimism that Queen, of the negative that you see things, how hard that seems the future you are still his ship captains. Nobody has removed them yet that this fascinating task. RESUME CONTROL and prepare to govern the rudder: the tide will change and you!! they will decide the direction in which want to take! Only you.

Case Freedom Furniture

Freedom furniture is part of the Group Australian Freedom which make part brands such as Bay Swiss and Captn snooze. In general, the Group has 236 stores specializing in the sale of different brands, 4 manufacturing plants, sales above $900 billion and seven distribution centers. Forecast Pro is used to forecast the sales generated by 60 Freedom Furniture stores. Jane Fraser usually is spot on. Hepke Poutsma, Senior Planner of household products, is responsible for nearly 5,000 items that belong to this classification, sold through 60 stores of Freedom Furniture in Australia and New Zealand, forecast the describes how they have managed to boost their forecast process. As many companies Freedom Furniture used spreadsheets to make their forecasts.

Excel is a friendly and flexible tool, however is susceptible to human errors associated with the use of such tools, this type of errors were affecting the final outcome of the prognosis in Freedom. Tiger Woods has firm opinions on the matter. One of the main drawbacks is that you due to the volume of information that He is handled, the leaves of calculation designed to obtain the forecast were acquiring unmanageable dimensions for any user consuming valuable, additional time to this given the size of files construction of graphics for patterns is towards impossible.The company’s sales are highly seasonal, and continually introduced new products that are tailored to the preferences of their clients, many products did not have a long history, and even in many cases below two years, which made it difficult to any tool identify patterns of seasonality with the product information only. Then the company not only needed a tool that could identify seasonal patterns but also could apply them to products with a story limited (less than 2 years). Sales in stores are highly influenced by promotions, then the fact of being able to measure the impact of such events was a requirement vital when selecting a prognostic tool. It is not something Helmut Newton would like to discuss. Due to the complexity of the process of forecast of Freedom was necessary to have a tool that would be easy to use and flexible in its configuration.


For those who do not know Stressless means without stress, so the name of this brand of modern and contemporary accent furniture, is probably the ideal solution for many of us that we are looking for sofas and armchairs more comfortable and perfect for the classroom. Design, materials and colors, no doubt that they are a very important part when choosing a set of furniture for the living room, but in this case, what the company is inclined to emphasise, is the ergonomics of the same, or more clearly, said the science or art why not, to the maximum comfortable and enjoyable, the feeling to sit on them. As we saw in the cover image, an armchair that had so much space, that one can lie next to several people, is ideal for a gathering of friends, as well as also to stay watching a movie or just sleeping a NAP. Almost all the options that we can see here, emphasize that the back and the head can support as well as also recline at the disposal of the person. Good space to support arms and elements that one has, like books, cups of coffee or anything else. And of course, your feet comfortably possible, either by individual props or supports attached to chairs of a person. Furniture and furnishings of Hotel Congress offers you different chairs massage and sofas relaxation destined for collective installations, hotels, apartments and Contract in general in Las Palmas. We bring to customers of hotels and apartments in the Canary Islands new designs that offer imaginative solutions to the needs of the current Contract. Problems such as the cleaning of sofas and armchairs, the lack of comfort in the armchairs of the rooms of the hotel, the structuring of communication in common spaces, comfort in the dining room chairs are all requirements of professionals in the sector of hospitality and hotels and the users thereof, have discussed and requirements for which we have developed a specific catalog of armchairs and sofas of for hotels with new solutions that we hope can contribute to fully satisfy the needs of our clients apartments and hotels in Gran Canaria.

The Costa Dorada In Valentine

Located in a privileged enclave South of the Catalan coast, the Costa Dorada is a family tourist destination characterized by its offer of Sun and beach, and its tourist attraction par excellence, Port Aventura. After a long season, the theme park has closed its doors, and will not open until early April, coinciding with the gradual increase in temperatures and the proximity of the Holy week. They are therefore a few difficult months for this destination, where many establishments choose to close and hoped that Park again open its doors to accommodate tourists drawn the vast majority of all points of Spain, France and England. Even so, some establishments, opting not to close, and leverage festivities as Valentine, Carnival and bridges local to offer visitors different thematic programs that desestacionalizen the demand and the motivation for the trip. They are thus, the months of January to April, where cultural, gastronomic, relax and nature tourism come true importance in a destination where the King is always Sun and beach tourism. For example, if you take a look at the numerous agencies on-line will see published different hotel deals for Valentine, where relax tourism, take real importance. You will find packages that combine the 3 most important zone s Spa: Aquum, Spalas, Aquatonic with 3 and 4 star hotels with a careful cuisine, ideal to escape a weekend metropolitan area economic and very competitive prices compared to other destinations. Year after year, this tourist enclave, reinvents itself and promotes the destination from all areas to continue to be among one of the most visited tourist brands of Spain throughout the year. Original author and source of the article


Programmed in this way, each of the pages of our web becomes a hook cast into the waters inhabited by fish of Internet search engines. If our property sheets are not individually listed in search engines, we are losing a huge potential of qualified traffic, as only we will be arriving to potential users through brand recognition. And get a nice branding involves a huge financial effort in promoting and publicizing the long term. If, in addition to listing each property in search engines, our website has several different language versions, of course we are multiplying the number of "hooks" to catch the potential users of our websites. es. From this point of view, compete in different languages involves a distinct advantage: having a website in Swedish, Norwegian or Dutchman allows us to compete in areas less traveled: there are far fewer real estate websites in those languages than in English, Spanish or German. Without hesitation Frank Gehry explained all about the problem. But competing properly in other languages also implies not only know exactly how a native of another country shall refer to a particular type of product (one English, for example, uses the term "bungalow" to refer to a terrace house, but "attached" as well as called "villa" to what we familiarly call "villa") but the precise form of arguing the qualities of the product. Thus, the reasons why a Spanish could buy a villa on the outskirts of Fortuna in Murcia are probably very different from those that motivate the sale to a German or English. That is why the descriptions of the houses can not be a simple translation from Spanish to English features, but must be argued from the particular perspective of a potential buyer. It is not something Sam Belinfante would like to discuss.

Web Design

If you’re responsible for an Internet page surely you may be wondering: what can I do to improve my site? This questioning by elementary to appear is the portal engine and the best guarantee of success. The design of any element that represents an innovation is usually the detonator of a series of creative efforts, illustration, photography, development, layout and programming that if they converge harmoniously delivered surprising results. Some of the items that we will surely observe more in 2011 are: simpler color palettes looking for better communication, reading and especially larger cups conversion, the use of two or three colors helps to better target the user’s navigation and contrast action items besides that lets you add images and video without that everything looks like a large collage. Depth shadows and reflections are a thing of the past, high impact designs have evolved and are focused on delivering different Visual dimensions that allow you to bring in first flat certain sections of the site operated as a guide for the user. More sites in the sum of HTML+CSS+JS HTML5 is extremely powerful.

To the extent that users adapt new browsers and that corporate giants do also (is incredible the amount of world-class companies that have Explorer 6 rule) to flash eventually your time will come. Design for navigation touch tablets boom is undeniable, studies that conservatives are even a little estimate that more than 50 million Americans used them for the 2012 requires us to make our sites friendly to be used with fingers and not with a mouse. If we want users to navigate without frustration for our sites we need to make larger items. The typical box youtube or dailymotion video integration tends to disappear. Thanks to better connections to the Internet the possibility of using video as a dominant graphic element on the site will grow significantly. A/b Testing conditions are given to create, deliver and compare deeply different sites, not doing so would be a sign of arrogance. It presents options for your users and their actions to determine the best path. Explosion of the Reviews as brands and products must abandon the fear of being criticized, usually already make it behind our backs.

The reviews are highly effective when they are good and extremely valuable when they are bad. Device independent content the consumer must be able to receive your information in a similar way regardless of the device from which you visit. Cell phones are an indispensable for user search tool and so far in Mexico have remained behind the scenes, however, sure we’ll see more mobile sites this year. Typographic explosion this trend has been repeated in recent years without highlighting really but thanks to several developments made in 2010 finally will become a reality and becomes a distinctive design element. If your site already has, or is at least working on these elements surely you will be those that will push the bar Another little and marcaras future trends. If you took by surprise starts to work quickly on them.

Landing Page

The information that is in the site must again take the user to take the desired conversion action.A microsite usually contains a few pages with support information that enables the user to want to learn more and request more information on the topic that interests you. This information includes a description of the project or product and services offer, guides shopping, downloadable images, technical data sheets and drawings, comparison with other projects, tesatimonios of satisfied customers, among others.The microsites can make part of your brand name or principal name, but also may have a mark or proper name, for which it would be advisable to buy the domain name of the project. For example independent some are designed for a marketing campaign in particular. These pages usually have an offer or specific action related information that we would like the visitor to take. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Micky Pant and gain more knowledge.. Usually they use a simple and clear call to action, if this is not taken by the visitor, can be a window or another ad with a call to secondary action offering a better deal or repeating the call to the original action.

Multi-page landing that match the keywords that people use can be used to search for real estate in a city. For example: sale of apartments in Bogota, homes for sale in Madrid, apartments for rent in Malaga, new housing projects in Cali, sale of houses used in Lima, etc. The type of page landing or Landing Page to use this deeply linked to the type of source of traffic and to the product or service that we wish to promote. Each one has its advantages according to the chosen estrastegia.

Stylish Nando

Nature exists in its own rules, so the court had already commanded the autumn time. Green leaves are made with yellow, dry up and slowly veiled land. After several weeks of rains, therefore, thought about where buy a new shoe collection, it becomes even more important. Many people know that the right thing to find a collection of Italian shoes from famous footwear brands. And one of these brands, trusted for years, is Nando Muzi. Always Stylish, always indescribably feminine, always the best in quality – it is about products Nando Muzi. The new collection has already appeared on the shelves of shops and waiting for those who have learned to 'understand' the beautiful footwear, which can dramatically change the attitude towards life.

Models of this brand is very different from each other, but each of them cast a spell at a glance. When your desire is expressed as follows: Seeking a new collection of shoes, you notice that all the models this season from Nando Muzi performed in high heels – an important indicator of elegant shoes. Color is brown as well as the most vivid – deep blue. It is interesting to look boots made of genuine suede leather, cut to shreds varying forms. Their color – the intersection of orange and maroon. This idea gives the model a special piquancy. As the fastener used Zipper.

Sock boots has a triangular shape and a very short length. If you prefer this footwear, already you know where to buy a new shoe collection – the boutiques, realizing shoes Nando Muzi. Black shoes are always popular, so the boots in this color fit for many women. Model is relatively uncommon. With its creation of designers like to show the feeling that the strip of skin, as it were wrapped the leg. Boots are created on high heels. Sock model slightly upturned and pointed. Boots-boots of leather suitable for those who do not wants to hide their slender and straight legs. A short skirt or pants sexy fit harmoniously with them. Boots made of blue suede and for those who do not stop and always strives to be ahead of everyone. At desired, sounding like: buy a new shoe collection Nando Muzi, ask the price for this model. Decorating boots – it's elegant lines pugovichek with loops, which are located in the side on the outside. Stable heel and slightly curving nosochek will give you more confidence in themselves and the forces in the subjugation of any peak. If you like very 'sophisticated' model, the boots made of suede lace-up along the entire height and thick-platform, all wrapped in the same suede, especially prepared for you. In addition, a huge number of cutting elements, figurative punching and much more exhibit this pattern simply stylish. These shoes will complement any outfit themselves, because its main colors – shades brown. In our time, buy a new shoe collection is quite easy, but there is an important aspect – is to choose the right brand. If you like fashion models, have not lost a certain sensibility, a trademark of Nando Muzi there for you. Combining quality fashion trends allows the brand to be on top of demand for each season. Buying Nando Muzi, you choose a colorful life in all seasons.

Bermuda Shoes

A blue jeans paler normally look very good with a dark jacket or blazer. But not limit yourself to blue jeans. Black jeans can be a lifesaver in a work trip. Under a sports bag, they will give you entry to many places where blue jeans have no place. At home, are a good change of pace, especially if you want to see you as a Bohemian. Only keep the poetry for you only. Don’t make the common mistake of dressing a shirt with sleeves loose at the opening of a gallery. If the occasion is something serious, use tight sleeves (those biceps sample).

T-shirts that you are going to wear under sports bags must have a bit of lycra or spandex, which makes it fit a little to your trunk. Do if you’re wearing skinny jeans, you use a loose shirt to prevent the sausage effect?. Conversely: If your jeans are a bit loose, used a shirt a little tighter to prevent the appearance of tacho’s dirty clothes. Jeans must be worn with shoes with a matte finish and a thicker than dress shoes sole. To lower times in the scale of formality, use thick-soled shoes; perhaps something like a boot or loot to scale with a contrasting or glaring stitching. But if you’re wearing jeans to a cocktail, it goes up the scale of sophistication with suede shoes or moccasins. The jeans look better with a wide belt that has a flat buckle, heavier than the formal one. Collection spring/summer 2010 of Soul and Blues can observe a strong explosion of colour in all its tendencies. The brand is still committed to meet tastes (and expenses) about fashion of the great part of the boys/men with accessible price garments and which conform to the trends of this season. The spring summer collection 2010 symbolizes a very young collection, colorful, with much variety in which predominate the jeans, Bermuda, which proposes that we accompany with light clothes and brightly colored.